The Spring Hills School

Situated at the southern part if Dehradun is a centrally located school in a peaceful, pollution free lush green environment Established in July 2003, the school has gained the reputation of giving child oriented education in a playway method. The school that started with a group of three boys and girls is now one of the good public schools of Dehradun and has earned the faith, and trust of many parents whose wards are studying in the school. Contrary to the belief that education is just books, examinations, and degrees, the school believes in education to be the foundation on which children of today prepare to enter the complex world of tomorrow.

Our School Life

    Without fearlessness a true answer from the real understanding of students cannot come. Creating an atmosphere of curiosity, support, friendly way, trust and mutual understanding. We provide such a safe space where we children

  • To establish a system of powerful communication.
  • To develop socially responsible future leaders.
  • To develop every child a keen observer and thinker.
  • To learn from strength and experience.
  • To facilitate the services of friendly mentors and guides.
  • To improve lives through practical education.
  • To promote activity involving students, teachers & society.
  • To nurture childs's self esteem carefully.
  • To plan and continuously provide necessary infrastructure learning resources required for quality education and innovation.


Education is more than just books, examinations and degrees. It is basic foundation on which children of today prepare to enter the complex world of tomorrow. We endeavour to instill into our students the following:

  • A sense of discipline, dedication, decision making, a love of fair play, mankind.
  • Inculcate self confidence, self reliance and the spirit of adventure and sportsmanship.
  • To develop the student's capacity to think, write, speak and to express themselves clearly.
  • To develop the spirit of comradeship and a sense of responsibility towards society and nation.
  • To instill in students an understanding and appreciation of our cultural heritage and a sense of leadership, responsibility and loyalty.