Our Philosophy

Tony Blair has rightly said "Ask me my three main priorities for Government and I tell you: Education, Education and Education"

All of us know that education is much more than rote learning and taking examinations. Now a days we can observe that present day school education has been reduced to provide information and following a fix examination pattern. Learning environment at our school is defined by creating a unique culture that allows learners to believe in themselves which is based on love, Joy, Trust, Listening and caring of each child keeping in mind his/her individuality and above all the process of sharing, exploring and building new avenues.

Developing a sense of personality by cultivating habbits of OLQs that leads towards development of a good character which includes a sense of dignity, diligence, devotion, dedication, determination and firm faith, The school philosophy reflects in school policy of regular games and sports, cultural and other competitions that go a long way in sustaining the excitement in the learning process which makes it more enjoyable and meaningful.

We seek to provide such an ambience where equal opportunities are provided inside and outside of the classroom for each and every one of our students that helps them achieve their goals.