Our Vision

Following the vision of our founder Late. Mr. S.L Farasi who emphasized on “individuality of an individual” we try to provide a dynamic learning space through system openness, transparency, fairness, encouragement for student participation, utilizing student’s inherent desire to discover, explore and to create a new world. It is our firm believe that all children love to learn and to do something different in the process of identity formation in the society to become a responsible citizens of tomorrow.

The school is always ready to provide opportunities for students to find and achieve new horizons, polish their talents and never ever run away from their duties towards society and family. Institutions need to provide even more than mere exam oriented education so we focus on the development of a holistic attitude towards the child.

Our sincere efforts is to use student’s imaginations beyond the four walls of a class room. It helps them to recognize their potential through their interests and talents and channelize their energy to become a happy, successful and responsible citizen of this planet.

We focus on child’s physical, emotional, cognitive, aesthetic, social and spiritual needs to shape and nurture the various dimensions of his/her wellbeing through the creativity in education which help the children to reinvent themselves.