Spring Hills School

Situated at the southern part if Dehradun is a centrally located school in a peaceful, pollution free lush green environment Established in July 2003, the school has gained the reputation of giving child oriented education in a playway method.

The school that started with a group of three boys and girls is now one of the good public schools of Dehradun and has earned the faith, and trust of many parents whose wards are studying in the school. Contrary to the belief that education is just books, examinations, and degrees, the school believes in education to be the foundation on which children of today prepare to enter the complex world of tomorrow.,

Spring Hills School has made tremendous progress since its inception in July '03. Starting as a primary school to Class I, it has now been upgraded to class VIII and will go n to be one of the finest 10+2 schools in the future. There has been a remarkable development in many arears- be it in terms of its building, a fully equipped computer lab or a beautiful and independent section for Playgroup and Nursery.

The school realises its responsibility to help children develop and blossom into confident adults and thereby creates an atmosphere where learning becomes and enjoyable experience. It maintains a close rapport with its parents to enable them to have a better understanding of the child's performance and behavior.

Parent Teacher Meetings are held at regular interval where parents are invited to visit the school and meet their respective class teachers to discuss the progress of their child personally.

In keeping with the secular ideas of the school and with a view to bring about cultural awareness, all festivals are celebrated in their traditional way at school. The array of activities are such that each child gets an opportunity of participation. This goes a long way in building self confidence and removing stage fright at a very tender age. Games and sports also from an essential part of the school curriculum.

In an nutshell, Spring Hills School provides an ideal environment to nurture your child into a responsible and confident adult.